Institute of Creativity and Innovation Held its Opening Ceremony for Year 2021


On September 10th, the Institute of Creativity and Innovation (ICI) of Xiamen University (XMU) held an opening ceremony for the Year 2021 freshmen. Nearly 250 freshmen from all corners of the country gathered together, and the youthful smiles brightened the autumn of Zhangzhou campus, XMU. Prof. Fang Ying, Assistant President of XMU and Prof. Simon Macklin, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. The ceremony was also attended by Mr. LI Yongqiang, Director of the Management Committee of XMU Zhangzhou Campus, Mr. YANG Yang, Deputy director, council committee members of ICI and a team of XMU and UCA tutors and staff. WANG Yi, chair of ICI council, presided over the opening ceremony.

On behalf of XMU, Prof. Fang extended a warm welcome to all the freshmen. He introduced that XMU has gone through a glorious course of 100 years and enjoys the same age as the Communist Party of China. One hundred years ago, XMU’s Founder, Mr. Tan Kah Kee, devoted himself to education with the belief of "saving the country through education" and "strengthening the country through education". XMU has always upheld the banner of patriotism and served the country, inherited the spirit of Mr. Tan Kah Kee and forged ahead, to win the reputation of "the strength of the south."Prof. Fang pointed out that the establishment of ICI is a new attempt of innovating traditional education model to keep pace with the time. It will play a role of pioneer in new model of school-running for XMU in the new century. He hoped that vigorous young people in the new era shoulder the future of their Alma Mater and their motherland and embrace the great new era. He also encouraged the students to save time and work hard to become the pillars of the society and strive for the bright new century of XMU.

Prof. Simon Macklin extended his welcome and congratulations to all the freshmen through video. He said that the university study life in the next four years will be infinitely exciting, and students will fully experience the integration and collision of educational diversity between XMU and UCA. He hoped that the students could devote themselves to learning, read widely, think deeply, practice continuously, dare to express, have the courage to try, not be afraid of failure, and continuously enhance their innovative awareness and ability. He wished the students become leaders of future creative industry.

Prof. Qin Jian, Dean of ICI, put forward three hopes for the students. The first is that the students shall be ready to change, willing to innovate, and be confident and enthusiastic for creative design; second, students shall be upright and good at self-cultivation, innovation, and be able to make the world warmer through design; the third is that students shall be brave and always be industrious, be open-minded and zealous for innovation, and become the backbone of the new era.

Dr. Philip Lambert, Associate Dean of ICI, said that students should look at the overall picture in their future study, life and work, grow vigorously, dare to dream, and seize the opportunity to create positive changes.

Associate Professor Chen Yi, the faculty representative of ICI, said that every student will have a bright future and should establish a correct outlook on life, values, and develop a good personality. At the same time, students are encouraged to study hard, think diligently, and continuously improve their comprehensive ability.

Senior Teaching Fellow Mark Bellingham, the faculty representative of ICI, commented that ICI has an excellent team of tutors and staff who work with enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility. They are all committed to supporting the students in an all-round way. He hoped that everyone cherishes the opportunity to study at ICI and fully play their potential.

LIU Xiaopu, the student representative of Year 2020, shared her learning experience and suggestions, and sent her best wishes. She said that as the most energetic and vigorous generation, students should take the responsibility of youth, work hard, and make their due contribution without regrets.

FAN Hua, the representative of freshmen, believed that coming to ICI means a new beginning. Students shall embrace the infinite possibilities on the journey ahead with the courage challenging the limit, the indomitable fortitude, and the attitude of humility.

The opening ceremony ended with the XMU anthem. The freshmen will embark on a new journey with dreams in their hearts.