Meeting with Students on Teaching


A meeting on teaching among tutors and students was held in classroom 401 on May 10. The meeting was attended by 7 tutors, including Matthew Andrew Terrett, Ana Luisa Menezes, Mark Bellingham, and 19 student representatives from all classes to have dialogues on how to improve the courses. ZOU Jiangtao, Deputy Chair of ICI Council, and GAN Senzhong, Deputy Dean of ICI, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Philip LAMBERT, Associate Dean of ICI.

During the meeting, the student representatives believe that the tutors were strict but dynamic, the courses were rich in content and rewarding, and the way of teaching were vivid and inspiring. The student representatives and the tutors had a heated discussion on the questions and teaching feedback collected from the students before the meeting. Tutors and students also exchanged their ideas about curriculum plan, curriculum construction, internship and other related issues.

Dr. Philip AMBERT and other tutors recorded and answered the questions raised by students in detail. In response to the course assessment questions, Ana emphasized that the creation process is more important. More importance is attached to the students' thinking, efforts, input and review during the creation process. Samuel hoped that the students could constantly revise and improve their own works, reflect on their own design process, and improve their design level. Afterward, tutors and students had a discussion on the teaching philosophy of UCA. Finally, Philip LAMBERT summed up that ICI hopes to cultivate students 4 "Cs" abilities, namely, Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. These abilities, he said, will support students when face the challenges in a fast-changing world.

The meeting lasted for two hours. It not only enhanced the mutual understanding between tutors and students, but also helped to collect the timely feedback of teaching, and to implement the new mechanism of undergraduate teaching evaluation for Sino-foreign cooperative education institute, which will in return promote the continuous improvement of ICI teaching.