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Vision and Space 01


Week 4-10 Semester 01 2020-2021

Tutors:CHEN Wenjie、HUANG Zhi、XUE Zhendong、YU Xianhong

The course lasted for 7 weeks. The target students were the freshmen of ICI. The unit introduced the basic elements of the form: pointandlinetoplane, the basic methods of shaping, the factors affecting the judgment and the special composition relationship of 3D visualization models, and its application in practical cases. The students were informed of the importance and application skills of pointandlinetoplane, colors and shadows in the design process. The students were taught to combine different methods such as hand drawing, computer drawing, prototyping and theories to complete 1-2 assignments every week during the process. In the last two weeks, the students worked on designing the partitions between the staircases in the teaching buildings, combining the theories they have learned. The best 5 proposals were selected out of 100 students’ proposals, which were implemented under the guidance of the tutors. This not only met the practical need, but also served as an opportunity for the students to display their works and an effective demonstration for the combination of teaching and practice.

Vision and space is about the knowledge of studying the‘relationship’of forms, including the relationship between the parts that make up the form, the relationship between the parts and the whole, and the relationship between the whole and the environment. Nothing exists just by itself. Everything interacts, affects and correlates with each other. With this research, the basic principles of artistic modeling will be understood more deeply. Whether the students will engage in landscape design, interior design, architectural design or other design-related jobs in the future, a good foundation for engaging in design-related jobs in the future will be resulting from learning this unit well.

Outwardly, what will be studied in the unit -Composition of Formis mostly the composition relationship between some points, lines and geometric figures. However, composition of form is not composition. No matter how complex things are, they are actually composed of point and line to plane, black, white, gray, red, yellow and blue. The reason why we focus on simple point and line to plane, black, white, gray, red, yellow and blue in this unit is that in such research, we can stay away from the interference of those dazzling appearances to the greatest extent and see the essence through the surfaces.



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