Our Units

Body + Place 01


Touch to Vision / ZHANG Xiaojie

What is the meaning of walking, of walking on different roads? What do we gain? How should we record it? Maybe I can transform the touch of the body into an artwork that records the process of walking.

Silhouette Collector / FANG Zhenrui

Walking along the country road. The tall reeds sway leisurely behind me. The broken flowers tremble quietly. My device records the arrival of every protruding plant. Their texture tells the beauty of man and nature.

Follow the Water / WANG Zilu

It's a long process, not a conclusion. The question in my heart was answered on the journey. Follow the water. The condensed dew melts yesterday's paint, and the scattered color tells the story of yesterday.

Speed and Emotion / ZHANG Jinghui

This is a journey about speed and emotion. I walked over different speed bumps again and again, and felt the wonderful mood brought by different speeds. All of our discoveries will be frozen in a unique picture. Speed and emotion are the best tools to interpret them.

Slope and Mood / ZHANG Anqi

Do you often go up or downhill? How do you feel about it? Happy or unhappy? In our life, the road itself is unchangeable, and the only things that change are our destination and direction. What adds colour to our life is our mood.

Collect Shadows / ZHAO Yihuang

My device absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun by carrying blue paper folded into different shapes. Through the three folding methods of the thousand paper crane, the butterfly and the paper plane, after a day's walking, different creases and ultraviolet rays leave different shadow marks on the blue paper.