Our Units

Coursework - Body + Place 02


Wind Device / LIU Shuyu

No one has ever seen the wind. But when the leaves fall, we know where the wind is. Now I am equipped with my installation. The wind blows, and I can always feel its existence. I walk at the footprint of the wind and follow the direction of the leaves with the device spinning out of control. Eventually I become a part of my installation, spinning with the wind and fading into the breeze.

Find Water - Follow Water - Use Water / XIAN Yining

Standing on the bridge and looking at the scenery, the scenery is also looking at me. The colourful suspended wood pieces were dropped into the water and picked up again, leaving colourful tears on the rice paper.

Mood-Temperature-Rotation / MA Chengcheng

Walking on different roads, people have different moods. By rotating the device connected to my body, I can sprinkle cold colours when in bad mood and warm colours when in good mood.

Walking with Eyes Closed / DING Yulu

What is real existence? Are we seeing the real world? Is the world of the mind truer than the world of the body? Who are we to ourselves and who are we to other people? In other words, we think about the world with our mind, but does the world think back?

Focus on Textures / CHEN Zhenhao

The textures in nature have unpredictable beauty. They have a unique existence. I want to capture those unique textures by trying to create my own.

Rememberance of Things / ZHANG Qifan

Time flies. And we are all savouring the remains of years. I travel through nature and architecture, recording the passage of time with my device.