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Digital Design Skills


WANG Liang

Underpinning every discipline of design is a set of key design foundations; skills, techniques and knowledge, both analogue and digital, that are fundamental to anybody entering a field of design. As a designer, it is important that you first understand these foundations before you can build upon them and develop them into a more focused skillset that is relevant to your field. How do you use these skills to creatively resolve design problems and communicate your own ideas?

CHEN Chunxi

Everyday Objects, Everyday Actions

As part of this unit, students were tasked with analysing and questioning the ordinary occurrences and aspects of everyday life that frame our experience of the world around us. Rather than focusing on the exceptional, the sensational or the spectacular, the focus was shifted to the everyday things that we often overlook and take for granted. The aspects that inform our perception and our experience of the everyday and the way that we choose to engage with it.

CHEN Chunxi

Led by Teaching Fellow Soofiya Chaudry, this year for Digital Design, students were tasked with developing a collection of digital works that together, proposed new ways of seeing and thinking about the world that we live in. Starting with the personal objects that we surround ourselves with, students were first tasked with creating a stop-motion animation that cherished and celebrated the things around us. The way that we choose to inhabit and use our personal space, the objects that we use to decorate them, reveals much about our own individual personality and how we relate to others, so each animation became an homage and love letter to the chosen object.


As we all know, a small change can make a big difference to our quality of life, so moving on from everyday objects, students began to explore the small interventions that we could all make in our everyday lives to improve them. Promoting small actions that can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. Students were tasked with designing posters and postcards and stickers to promote and communicate their positive actions, before acting upon them and implementing them into their own lives in the creation of a final photobook.

LIU yanting

Special thanks also go to LIN Xinru, RUAN Yihong, HOU Shengjing, WANG Zhimin, SHEN Yuchen, and YANG Minke, for their invaluable support and input throughout the unit!