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Modular Typeface Project

2nd Semester–Year 1

Visual Communication Design

CHEN Chunxi

In art and design practice the square, circle and triangle are seen as fundamental shapes and have been used by artists and designers such as Herbert Bayer and Wassily Kandinsky who taught at the Bauhaus and Bruno Munari who wrote a book for each of these three shapes.

This semester, students were challenged with the idea of creating a modular display typeface using these three fundamental shapes. After researching and trying different methods and processes, students develop their own ideas. The result is a variety of solutions, some inspired by architecture, cats, games, Chinese culture, and many more interesting ideas.

Students explored different analogue and digital processes before designing a working font that can be used on any computer. They then designed a type specimen and poster to promote their font to a creative audience.

JIN Peilin


Type Specimen Design

XU Yeyang

CAI Ruoxin

QIE Jiayi

WANG Jiaqi

Poster Design

GUO Lingxi

SUN Yixi


HE Lingxuan

Special thanks go to DONG Siqi, LIU Huijun, SHEN Yuchen, HOU Shengjing, WANG Zhimin,HUANG Yipeng and LIN Chuxuan for their invaluable support and input throughout the unit.