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Typographic Studies 01


Typographic Studies is a year-one unit for the BA (Hons) Visual Communication developed by University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and jointly delivered by tutors from UCA and Xiamen University. Its coursework is an introductory series of fast paced design exercises, essential for a designer to investigate, test and apply the guiding principles of typography, graphic image making and contextual research. Through a series of lectures, workshops, group critiques, and individual tutorials, students were taught to broaden their technical skills, whilst developing an understanding of how to communicate visually and graphically.

During 8 weeks of learning, students learnt how to develop ideas and experiment through the use of different software tools such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. They developed an understanding of how to simplify their designs and the presentation of their work – a skill that is highly important for a graphic designer.

Assessment tasks –

1. Anatomy of Type

Group type anatomy identification and individual; Visual and contextual research into designers and Gestalt theories

CAI Wanxuan

WANG Xiaowen

2. Counterform

Illustrator experiments - digital image tracing, analogue drawings and vector drawings

CAO Jiawen

ZHU Siyi

3. Onomatopoeia

Analogue tests and digital experiments; Action of the word through the use of placement of type

YAN Hongsen

CHEN Chunxi

4. Hierarchy

Series of page designs using different typographic layouts that explore the readability of text in InDesign

YANG Zhentao

LU Wenbo

5. Circles

Concepts in relation to circles such as rhythm, order, contrast; Digital experiments using Illustrator


WANG Hening

6. Lines

Illustrator tasks with horizontal and vertical compositions

ZHOU Shuangyang

ZHAN Wanxin

7. Poster development and review

Select outcomes and translate into A1 poster designs;Project evaluation on design decisions

WU Xueyan

LV Zhaoxi

8. Poster design

Presented as final outcome.


(CHANG Siqi, WU Xueyan,ZHU Siyi, ZHAN Wanxin, YAN Hongsen,CHEN Chunxi, CAO Jiawen,JIN Peilin,LU Wenbo,ZHOU Shuangyang, ZHAO Zhao,YANG Zhentao)

Translated by:PANG Yujun,HUANG Xinyi