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That phrase has two meaning. One of them is 'I am not a vase,I am a decoration.' The second interpretation originates from my homeland. The shape and the characteristics of the vase evoke association with woman. In China,a beautiful yet stupid woman is dubbed 'a vase'- gorgeous, but hollow. My thematic collection 'I am not a vase ' boasts many semantic platforms. Like jewellery, the vase is an object that that teeters between being an utensil and being a piece of art. What interests me in jewellery is the element of art. Therefore, my vases have lost their functionality–they are through to circles, and these circles have subsequently been threaded on a string, thus constituting a peculiar necklace. Placed one on another, they resemble the shape of a vase again. In that way a fragile and delicate structure emerges. My vase may fall apart at any moment, which will alter their meaning again. It is say though they wanted the spectator to acknowledge that 'I do not want to be a vase, I actually have something to say.' It ist also worthwhile to ponder upon the meaning. 'I am a vase ' meams ' I am beautiful'.

68th International Trade Fair Munich, special show TALENTE 2014, Germany