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Typographic Studies 02


Typographic Studies

1st Semester – Year 1

Visual Communication Design

Teaching Team

Ousama Lazkani Chen Wei Dong Siqi

Shen Yuchen Li Xiashao


YE Yuxuan

HUANG Shuyao

LIU Liyuan

WANG Zefei

LI Peijin

SONG Maoqi

LIN Sujie

LIN Mengying

ZENG Yuting


Through this course, students investigated, tested and experimented the fundamental principles and processes of Graphic Design.

The focus has been– typography, creative methodology (the craft of graphic image construction) and the principles of visual communication, as well as contextual theories of design background, all of which led to explore the key skills and methods of how to communicate with text and image.

Students have also the opportunity to undertake their independent research to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom to read and research relevant topics and aspects.

In the first week, students have had a brief introduction to the course with practical and research tasks through the Freshman Seminars followed by a series of lessons and workshops combine to form a practical and intellectual tool kit using Adobe Illustrator as well as some hand sketching.

Yet, the unit content has been designed to build up experience and knowledge upon skills learned through previous lessons, and students have documented all practical work, visual and contextual research on their portfolio (journal) as a record of their learning progression.

As part of this module, every student has delivered a presentation addressing the topic ‘what is visual language?’. Through this presentation students have developed their presentation, reflective and evaluation skills. This was culminated with receiving peer reviews and teacher feedback.

At the end of the module, each student has developed three poster designs representing their extracted practical and theoretical knowledge and skills gained through this unit. They have also the opportunity to print their final developed poster designs to display in an exhibition of their final outcomes. The exhibition has been well liked and admired by the audience and visitors from the academy (other fellow students and staff members).

In conclusion, this course has provided students with the opportunity to understand application of the fundamental theory and practice in Graphic Communication field. It has also paved the way for a more professional development and learning progression.

Thank you to all academic, technical and management staff members for their efforts in supporting students and colleagues to achieve this mission.

Dr Ousama Lazkani

LIN Yaxin

ZHENG Wenxin



FU Xiaobao


JIA Yihan

ZHOU Sihan

CHEN Liumeng

GU Hanfei

MA Luyao