Kickoff of Teaching at the Institute of Creativity and Innovation


On October 5, the freshmen of the Institute of Creativity and Innovation (ICI) started their first class in the brand-new teaching building. 292 undergraduates are divided into 12 classes, each with about 25 students. The teaching was conducted in the multimedia classrooms.

At 8:00 am, two courses Foundation of Form as well as Vision and Space are delivered by 5 experienced tutors from Xiamen University introducing the courses to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

Courses delivered by tutors from ICI

Due to the COVID-19, currently the courses by the tutors from University for the Creative Arts (UCA) are taught online. Six experienced tutors from UCA give classes of English Language for the Creative Arts. Students discussed and interacted with teachers interactively.

In order to help students adapt to the English teaching environment and improve their English, ICI organize tutorials for small group of students to practice listening and speaking with the tutors. Students all enjoy the extra help and guidance offered to them.

Courses delivered by tutors from UCA

The first day of teaching is featured by interaction and communication with students. The tutors from both sides are trying to encourage students to ask questions and express their ideas. After class, a student named ZHANG Yaqi majoring in environmental design express her feeling of the first-days’ learning that she has long been looking forward to the first class. The teacher explained the main contents of the course, set plans for their futures and showed them a bright outlook for the program, which are very exciting. In her eyes, the newly-established Institute of Creativity and Innovation is obviously very innovative. Zhang believed that the program combines the strength of bothXiamen University and UCA, which would be promising. Another student BAI Yifan said: “My first Creative English class today showed me the difference of learning. In the class, the teacher was very patient, for he deliberately slowed down the pace and used simple vocabulary to make us understand. The whole class was very enriching, and the teaching assistant on the side gave us additional explanations in time to motivate us. I hope that I can enhance my English skills through this course.

In order to help students get used to the teaching by UCA, ICI organized a team of teaching assistants consisting of 15 postgraduates from different majors of Xiamen University to help with instruction and question answering. The Academic Affairs Office, the Information and Network Center, the Modern Education and Technology Center all involve in the teaching to ensure a smooth running of courses online.